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      _____ Days of Semi-Solitude






is an arts organization formed with hospitality as a functioning principle. Host and guest (i.e. COMPLIMENTA and artist, artist and public, public and COMPLIMENTA) exist in a reciprocal dynamic of mutual participation. This ethos cultivates an environment where artists can gather in collaboration with the local and larger public, engaging in a conversation that is both generous and rigorous in it’s approach. The primary site of COMPLIMENTA is the Manse, a property in the Town of Enfield, outside of Ithaca NY. The Manse serves as a project space, artists’ residency, gallery, home, farm, and grounds for the annual, large-scale, 3 day exhibition, also called COMPLIMENTA. COMPLIMENTA hosts what we consider to be some of the most currently relevant artists, writers, performers and musicians, from the local area and abroad. Presentation of participants’ work facilitates an interaction where the limits of cultural communication can be pressed, and what proliferates celebrated.

Complimenta is indebted to many outstanding individuals and businesses, whose support has made our programs possible.

We wish to express many thanks to:

Indian Creek Farms
Wide Awake Bakery
The Piggery
Greenstar COOP Grocery
Red Feet Wines
Macro Mama's
Gimme! Coffee
Cayuga Community Arts Partnership

Olivier Castel - COMPLIMENTA logo design

Chet and Amy Owens
Sean O'Connell
Joey de Jesus
Alie Cirgenski
George Rhoads
Molly Gotchman
Eagles Club
Julia Rich