is an evolving host of programs designed to support arts practitioners in the production and presentation of new work. Our aim is to support and create venues for critical discourse around artistic practice, within a spirit of mutualism and hospitality.

We are based at 'the Manse', a property in Enfield, NY, and much of our programming revolves around this place - as a place for retreat, for gathering, and for investigating place, location and site through artistic research and production.









August 29 - 31, 2014
Look for more information in July!

COMPLIMENTA() is an annual event taking place every Labor Day weekend, and presenting new works, conceived specifically for the site of the Manse. Practiontioners will gather to share works of performance, painting, sculpture, readings, drawing, painting, video, writing, workshops, lectures, and music, installed trhroughout the 27 acres of propert that comprise the Manse. During this time all participants camp on the Manse property and share meals together, forming a temporary community. All are invited to engage with works installed on the property and attend performances and workshops during the event.

Previous COMPLIMENTA() participants:

Zayne Armstrong | Michael Ashkin | Winona Barton-Balentine | Nick Bastis | Leslie Brack | Daniel Chew | Clara Chapin Hess | Alie Cirgenski | Melissa Constantine | Stephen Cope | Sarah Elliott | Noah Furman | Jasper Griepink | Haoyan of America | Dmitri Hertz | Elizabeth Jaeger | Millie Kapp | Devin Kenny | Snejina Latev | Annie Lewandowski | Raphael Linsi | Jordon Lord | David Madsen | Annie Maurer | Nick Monsour | Audrey Moyer | Sean O'Conell | Ahndreya Parlato | Megan Ransmeier | Miriam Readling | George Rhoads | Paul Rhoads | Julia Rich | Owen Schmit | Antonio Serna | Noah Sparks | Deniz Unal | Georgia Wall | Leon Benn | Chase Biado | Steven Chodoriwsky | Alex Felton | Anne Gathmann | Andrew Steinmetz| Megan Stockton | Caroline Byrne | Michael Kleine | Morgan Ritter | Lucinda Segar | Bernard Yenelouis | Kylie Gilchrist |