Zayne Armstrong
Mike Ashkin
Winona Barton-Ballantine
Nick Bastis
Leslie Brack
Daniel Chew
Clara Chapin Hess
Alie Cirgenski
Melissa Constantine
Stephen Cope
McKeever Donovan
Sarah Elliott
Noah Furman
Jasper Griepink
Tim Feeney
Dimitri Hertz
Elizabeth Jaeger
Millie Kapp
Devin Kenny
Raphael Linsi
Snejina Latev
Jordon Lord
Annie Lewandowski
Annie Maurer
David Madsen
Nicholas Monsour
Audrey Moyer
Sean O’Conell
Ahndraya Parlato
Megan Ransmeier
Miriam Readling
George Rhoads
Paul Rhoads
Julia Rich
Owen Schmit
Antonio Serna
Noah Sparkes
Hannah Tepper
Deniz Unal
Georgia Wall




Complement( )s

      _____ Days of Semi-Solitude






is an arts organization formed with hospitality as a functioning principle. Host and guest (i.e. COMPLIMENTA and artist, artist and public, public and COMPLIMENTA) exist in a reciprocal dynamic of mutual participation. This ethos cultivates an environment where artists can gather in collaboration with the local and larger public, engaging in a conversation that is both generous and rigorous in it’s approach. The primary site of COMPLIMENTA is the Manse, a property in the Town of Enfield, outside of Ithaca NY. The Manse serves as a project space, artists’ residency, gallery, home, farm, and grounds for the annual, large-scale, 3 day exhibition, also called COMPLIMENTA. COMPLIMENTA hosts what we consider to be some of the most currently relevant artists, writers, performers and musicians, from the local area and abroad. Presentation of participants’ work facilitates an interaction where the limits of cultural communication can be pressed, and what proliferates celebrated.

COMPLIMENTA is an annual three day forum presenting new works, conceived specifically for the site of the Manse. 30 artists will gather to share works of performance, painting, sculpture, video, writing, workshops, lectures, and music. All are invited to engage with works installed on the property and attend performances and workshops during the event.

COMPLIMENTA(II) will take place:

Friday, August 23rd  6:00 - 10:00pm
Saturday, August 24th  Noon - Midnight, music at 9:00pm
Sunday, August 25th  Noon - 4:00pm

Check back in the coming days for a more detailed schedule of performances and presetations.

Leon Benn | Nathaniel de Large | Chase Biado | Leslie Brack | Steven Chodoriwsky | Alex Felton | Alie Cirgenski | Melissa Constantine | Anne Gathmann | Clara Chapin Hess | Chella Strong | Owen Hutchinson | George Rhoads | Andrew Steinmetz | Megan Stockton | Revel Woodard | Caroline Byrne | Elizabeth Jaeger | Paul Rhoads | Michael Kleine | Gabriella Levine | Morgan Ritter | Lucinda Segar | Michael Ashkin | Sarah Elliott | Sam Bornstein | Simone Frazier | Bernard Yenelouis | Dmitri Hertz | Julia Rich |

COMPLIMENTA (II) is made possible with grant support from the Community Arts Partnership

and support from Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen